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De Clauzade Family History

The La Chaussee Estate was originally purchased by Amedee  Boffinet in 1803, then the estate consisted of just the Mansion House, the stables and the working farm buildings.  The main part of the Chateau building depicted in background of this page was added to the estate sometime around 1830. 

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Amedee Boffinet Junior pictured in the oil painting , next to Arnaud the current owner (top left), inherited the Estate from his father but it was in 1871, when his two daughter's Etienette and Louise-Marie were introduced to two brothers, Arnaud Leon and Carlos De Clauzade who were holidaying in Saint Savinen from Toulouse that the Clauzade name entered into the chateau's history.

Family history tells that it was love at first sight for both of the sisters and the brothers, and Arnaud Leon and Carlos De Clauzade married Louise-Marie and Etienette Bouffinet in a joint wedding ceremony in 1872.

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And today, 200 years later, it is Carlos's great grandson Arnaud De Clauzade, and his wife Monica , and their four children (pictured left) who are the latest generation of Clauzade's who own and run the Chateau and Mansion de Clauzade and the La Chaussee Estate.

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The Clauzade brothers came from a distinguished military family, hence the many military pictures on the Chateau walls.  Carlos pictured left, served in the Cavalry and Arnaud Leon pictured right, served in the Imperial Guard, their mother Elisa De Lacarre was a distant cousin to Napoleon III wife, Eugenie De Montijo. 

Louise-Marie and Leon didn't have any children so it was Etienette and her husband Carlos De Clauzade, that eventually moved into the Chateau and added the two side wings to accommodate their growing family making it the building that we see today, and when Etienette's father died, it was them that inherited the estate and it changed into the Clauzade family name.

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